The art of lying

11 tips to lying successfully, perfected after a lifetime of effort.

The art of One:One issue, one lie.

Be realistic:Stay as close to the truth as possible, for credibility, and flexibility.

KISS:One version, fewer chances of getting rogered, and fewer people to roger you.

Stay focussed: Extraneous information betrays lack of self-confidence. Also see Point 3 – keep it short.

Unemotionality:Take acting lessons. Much like in sex, body language is everything.

Pick your target:Underestimating your intended victims can have disastrous consequences.

Stick to your story:Never contradict yourself. At least, not in public.

How To Confess:In the unlikely eventuality, plead, grovel, beg, and live to lie another day. Also see Point 5 – acting lessons.

Apna jhooth Jagannath:Lying is not a group activity. Play with yourself only.

The art of closure:Know when to call it quits. But never reveal the truth.

Last, but not least, you can lie to all the people, all the time. You just can’t lie to them all at the same time.


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