This is India.

We’re corrupt.
We’re petty.
We’re easily separated on religion, region or language.
We’re racists.
We’re elitist.
We’re a thriving mushroom plantation of exaggerated clichés.
We’re violent.
We’re intolerant.
We represent the bedrock of dirty politics.

You could also call us the Divided States of India.
We’re everything that could go wrong with a democracy.
And we’re everything else that could be worse.

We’re a nation that thrives on television series and reality shows that represent nothing but the miserable fabric of society. We take pleasure in another man’s failure.
We’re sadists and we’re cynics.
We were the land that gave human spirit the constitution of Karma.
We’re also the ones who manipulated it into convenient Karma.
And we’re living happily ever after.

All these are universal truths. And if you have any doubt about aforesaid, any leading newspaper or news channel will make you a believer.
We’re a nation of witch hunters and misery seekers.

But there is also another truth.
One that’s much larger in canvas, and impossible to deny.

We’re Indian.
Every fucking one of us.

And while the media does what it does, and politicians screw up what they can, we make fine spectators who indulge our mob fury.
By proxy.

The CWG was not a disaster to start with. It was made into one.
And each of us, is responsible for the apathy and lack of morale.

We didn’t switch off the channels when shit was flying. We didn’t hold candlelight vigil at the venue to pray, wish or show support for anything.
Town planners, architects, doctors, technologists, former athletes, celebrities, social commentators nobody volunteered. But each and every one of them mentioned did move heaven and earth for lucrative contracts.

This is India.
Where we still  have a fixation with kissing the western ass.
Not the politicians, us, you and me.
BBC releases fake pictures of the games village, our media goes to town with it.
BBC takes off the pictures, sacks the erroneous reporter and our media forgets about it.
Not one beacon of truth that unravels facts who call themselves journalists; takes BBC to task.

As the Joker would have asked “Did our balls just fall off?”

Some Indians, who can only see the bad that there is, and have determined blindness towards any shred of positivity towards this country, I have advice for you.

Leave. Fuck off. Take your elitist opinion and shove in every orifice you have.
Of course you’re educated, good looking, talented, well to do, getting lots of sex, blah blah blah….sort of people.  So leaving would be so much easier for you.
If only you tried. Seriously. Get out.

Because we don’t stop being Indians just because we fuck up so often.
And your negativity, which satiates the greed of media, which shows you crap that you want to see, is doing nothing but slowing down whatever will or effort we have to get better.

So please, leave, shoo.

But before you leave, remember one thing.
There is no exit clause for nationality.

You’re a brown skinned Indian here.
You will be a brown skinned Indian there.

But that also has its benefit for you. You get an instant lifestyle promotion, no doubt.
You will be a second rate resident in their country.
Which is much better than being a third rate citizen in your own.


gregory said...

good example of the problem

suneet shukla said...

Really excellent description of we Indians. I am trying to change myself for long time, hope will do it soon

kamal chawla said...

really nice post :)

salvation lies within

ankit agarwal said...

very true.

Pratik Maheshwari said...

but thats again negativity..
shouldn't you also try out something positive for the society? rather than cribbing about it..

the problem is already there and most of us know it but only few do something for it.. would love to see you doing something..

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pratik. You can just say "shoo", but it's like saying screw you for pointing our faults or mistakes. One of those may have a point. Are you ready to take a constructive criticism? What are you doing about it? I am definitely not saying "follow the west". They are screwed up in some other ways.

Anonymous said...

you are having the freedom of writing it is "INDIA"

This is all wrong and represents nothing about INDIA....

Read "Small is beautiful" by schumarker for opening your thought

Anonymous said...

Well...don't you think "positive" people like you are largely part of India's problem?