The God Complex

God is god, they say, because he controls life.
He takes the final call about who pops it and who pops out.

Whenever man has tried to embody divinity and claim powers more or at par with god, it has led to his downfall.


Go mythical.


Whenever man has tried to go beyond his ‘aukaat’, he’s perished.

But today, I am scared.
I am scared because ‘the god complex’ as the aforesaid is called, has plagued the collective doctor community of India.

Let me explain.

Technically speaking, only doctors come close to that power of god.
The power to change or maneuver life.

So they hold at ransom the lives of people who are already sick, at varying degrees of proximity to death and definitely hurting.

I have seen people cry about doctors refusing to treat without monies. People who know treatment is available but they lack the funds to get it. Or as the doctors seem to feel, deserve it.

A man is shot or wounded and the doctors refuse to do anything till the police arrives. Or the man dies. Now the Indian police are another post but short of a certificate of accreditation from the Controle’ Officiel Suisse des Chronometres’, they have mastered the spilt second precision of perfect timing.

Law is to protect lives. But yet the law does not allow the doctor to save a dying mans life. There are the Ambani’s and Mittals who the doctors can milk for their Mercedes. But they still needs a common mans toiled for rupees.

People die doctors. No one knows that better than you guys. But there is a difference between someone who dies on the operating table undergoing surgery by a brave man. And a man who is by the law of the land deemed to die because he can’t get treatment till the cops arrive. And the cops will not arrive till he pops it.

But what about someone who dies in the waiting ward of the OPD of AIIMS surrounded by the best medical help in the country refusing to do anything for him? Not because of the cops, or any other economic factor, cops take my word for it being one major economic factor too…., they die because the doctors want them to.

Because they are on a strike.

Take AIIMS for instance. It’s the biggest hospital there is right?

Frankly I don’t care about reservations.
Because I know for a fact that the debate is about opportunity and all and as long as the people who pass out clear a certain exam or level, I’m cool.
But the doctors went on strike.

Now imagine a man, who feels the grasp of death tightening and musters enough courage to make it to the OPD of AIIMS solely on the faith that the doctor there might be able to save him.
Faith similar to the one you place in god.

But sorry dying man, your gods on strike. So you die.
And you die, because your god has the power to say no. And let you die.

As it is we are such selfish beings. The only time we remember god is in a desperate situation.
So imagine in desperation you call on god, and you get the voice mail?

Many died. Leaving many families completely bereaved and substantially faithless. I was disgusted then.

But it was a cause. Right?
About something the youth and collective intellectual capital of India felt strongly about. So it was very normal for poor and under privileged people to die and provide statistics to twist the governments arm.
Very fair right? Collateral damage they call it.

But there was a buffer of a ‘cause’ so no one said anything.
People continued to die. Statistics continued to mount. And because of lower economic fortitude, which in turn leads to lesser social fortitude, they went unnoticed. They died.
And were just another statistic.

Today, good or bad, right or wrong, the government takes an administrative decision and changes the Director of AIIMS.
And because doctors in India have always shown a high degree of morality, with money and fame being the last thing on their mind, in an expected act of sovereignty went on strike again.

Again, the statistics will mount.

So basically, we come to the conclusion, that after god there are doctors and no one dare defy anyone with a prefixed ‘Dr.’ otherwise they will go on strike and kill a few more poor and innocent people, holding another set of thousands of lives at ransom.
Yes kill, because if you’re a doctor and someone dies in front of you and you do sweet fuck-all about it, it will tantamount to voluntary manslaughter. First degree, period.

Doctors are a gifted lot. For one, they can actually save a life. And second, the amount of faith shown in them by the common man matches the one for god.
But doctors being human beings, vain as ever, fall prey to the god complex. And abuse the gift of life and the healing touch they are blessed with.

Today, two of India’s high profile doctors are at war. Leaving the common thousand few to lie at mercy of time or die a death to add to a statistic. Or cause. Whatever it is, it sucks. Big time.

The director of AIIMS is the most respected cardiac surgeon in the country. An official position at AIIMS is not a fraction of what he has achieved in his medical career.
But yet, he refuses to let go. And the statistics mount.

The minister of health is a doctor himself. And knows that you cannot sack a Krishna from a Pandava army, because you guessed it, the Pandavas will go on a strike.
But yet, he refuses to grow up. And the statistics mount.

Dr. Ramados & Dr. Venugopal, as you are the commanders of the two warring factions, I ask you this….

If god forbid someone from your family needed a doctor tonight, what would you do?
What part of your individual stands and egos or the government policy would you compromise to save that particular life?

Having answered that, what makes you think that the people who died waiting for medical attention amidst striking doctors were not worth that compromise?

The point is, you made the compromise. For whom and to what extent now depends on the values you were brought up with.

But let me tell you this Dr. Ramados and Dr. Venugopal, when the news was covering one of your now famous striking AIIMS story, I saw a man carrying a body. Of what I could make out from the incoherent gasps of breath between his sobs it was his son. His son died because his god and your doctors were on strike.

I want to tell you that if I were that man I wouldn’t be crying.

I’d bury my son, and buy a gun.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Buy a gun and shoot the bastards.

Pinkbury said...

A very compelling argument & narration. But alas, that all we can do. I wish the docs get some sense and stop this whole nonsense.

If not, the guns will do just fine

Kuan Gung said...

Incredible testament to priorities...maybe at some time we'll pay attention to things that have eternal implications...thank you

nowheregirl said...

Ravana is one of my fav characters and atleast Duryodhana was not hypocritical about his intentions as Pandava's were...

bitchlet said...
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Spazsim Chasm said...

Let me tell you a story.. Not about a strike or lack of money...it's just screwed up...

There was a little boy in my school who was playing in the feild when he collapsed. His friends called my mother (jr school supervisor) and carried him to the staff room. A peon was told to run and call the doctor from the clinic across the street...

The peon runs, comes back alone. The doctor would not come, he could not leave his clinic and it was lunch time. The boy is unconsious.

Another teacher carries the little boy, 8 years old, and runs to the clinic, accompanied by my mom.

The little boy died of heart failure as the teacher crossed the street...My mom calls his parents as they lay him on the clinic table, when the doctor tells them to take him away as he should not be held responsible for anything.

My mom carried him back to the staff room, whild his parents came to the school.

An eight year old died while that doctor ate his lunch.

How's that for a bitter aftertaste?

ishita said...

if there was a way to bombard striking docs email inboxes wid this post, i'd gladly spend all my time doing that! :(

i know it sounds very morbid but every day rajiv leaves for work, i tell him "drive carefully..." and on days I hear of a strike I get even more insistent..."drive carefully baba...an accident today would be fatal even if u made to the hospital!"...nah m serious, it's a very scary thought and I hate the fact that there are people living out this nightmare even as a i write my comment here...

and there's a deep sense of rage too...hmmm! U've put it across perfectly...i can't even begin to imagine what a doc feels like to watch a man die in front of him/her knowing very well that he/she could save that man!...I would never be able to live with that...

*sigh*...anon up there makes more sense right now!

Also brings back painful memories of the day my granma suffered a stroke. It was on a sunday afternoon...not a single doc wld agree to come see her at home on a sunday...and by the time we got to the hospital, we knew she wouldn't make it...this when we had several docs living within walking distance...

karmic_jay said...

Liked your post. Doctors going on strike or refusing treatment till the cops arrive is just unconscionable. Whatever happened to their hippocratic oath?

I am always wary about these folks. I also soemtimes hate the attitude that comes with it.

bitchlet said...

amazing post... makes me think beyond the "cause"...

you write very well... thats y perhaps id read over and over again and it would still hit me as hard..


Yes. This news did reach me. I for one donot consider anyone to be God. You cannot equate human being to be even close to God. For that matter even a Doctor.

As per the report it is a shame that the OPD and emergency services were shut. WHy were they shut? The Gvmt cared two hoots when these people protested and went on hunger strike and it was a protest for months. Now they fire someone, backed with political agenda ;it is going to trigger disruption.

I also learnt tht the patient was told to go to Safdarjung Hospital as emergency services were down but the unfateful man could not make it. I dont understand why his body lay in the pavement. It is beyond any logic.

We lost a relative a couple of weeks back as he didn't get immediate care by the Doctor who refused to pay him a home vist. I am not bitter about it as it is the Doctors right to choose too even though he is supposed to be bound by moral high ethics.

The very reason I dont equate doctors to God is that even if the Doctor has the power, he may not use it, thanks to corruption, thanks to screwed up law (not all are selfless)...Even God bring destruction, through the hands of a Doctor or not.

Well now I guess they are comming up with a parallel OPD. You see the Gvmt wont bother even though they are responsible indirectly as they are the instigators.

my stand is thus - No one is God or God men or close to God, I will not depend on doctors all my life as my personal life has taught me that Doctors dont know the best always. I shun the Gvmt as well as mitigation measures taken at an earlier time to cover up an absence of the full fledged OPD.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Thank you for visiting my "Irrepressible Secrets" blog where I write as SilvermOOn.
I'm signed in under my other blog name; it's one I had long before I used SilvermOOn so I kept it for the link on this blog- same woman.

So, this post of yours is so powerful and nauseates me that the doctors are on strike. I wasn't aware of this occuring. This is atrocious to let others die.

Madhu said...

Harjee, i appreciate ur frankness and ur views.

True, doctors are next to god. But any doctors who fails his primary duty of saving lives is not fit to be called so. I wonder if these doctors actually understand and think about the pledge they take. If they did, then the strike should not have stopped them from treating the patients.

Shame on them for being so selfish. Anyone who has the power to save another's life and doesnt use it, is not worth to be called human.

A well written and hard hitting post. Wish those doctors get to read this.

Anand said...

Well a ncie compliation!
However i have different views on this!
I do agree that the medical profession has been made into a joke by this reservation joke!

But the fact is if somebody's doesnt fight now, there are probably more people who will die if people from "reserved sections" end up becoming doctors just cos they have it easy instead of people who deserved it based on merit!!

It is an unfortunate choice but it needs to be made! Fact is either ways we'r playing with peoples lives and I do believe that this time there is a legitimate excuse for the same.!

Mumbai Guy said...
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Mumbai Guy said...

Recently a friend of mine wrote to me about how his mom who was rushed to emergency ward(she is suffering from cancer) asked doctor something and how the doctor rudely insulted her.

Friend said he just thought of killing the dcotor as no one talks like that to his mom but he could do nothing as she was at mercy of doctors for treatment.

Just an example of how doctors are like God. That being said, it is just not as easy to buy a gun just as it was not that easy for my friend to kill a doctor.

We are a part of this whole fu*king system whether we like it or not. We made this system. Its only when we dont find it to our liking, we start crying. Doctors, Mafias, everything which come in front of us.

Just as you think reservation is no bother. But when it actually kicks you out from race in favor of some reservation kid, I am sure you will start feeling the pain.

And what do we do to fix this system? Waiting for someone else to blame or just write and forward each other? I am reading the same thing over and over again all over internet/newspapers and channels. That this is bad, this guy is to be blamed, he does not deserve this. But I would like to read the solution. I would like to read ways to make these things atleast better. That would be a real gun and I am sure most of us would like to take it.

Why Am I said...

well written ...can think of innumerable circumstances where such things ahve happened..ppl have gone into coma because of improper giving of anaesthesia, because of wrong diagnosis..and one doctor even had the gall to say tht he became a doctor because his dad was rich and paid money and he didnt know too much


anand: I second you! Wanted to mention tht but didn't!

.:Infektia:. said...

Really, A agree. Those docs should grab a life themselves!

Wonderful post...I'm in a mystifying impase...do God actually exist or is it just some supernatural force?

silverine said...

I was really saddened by the sight of people suffering while they were on strike. They should have made arrangements to look after the really sick instead of shutting down services completely.


bury the son....

buy a gun....

ofcourse this is the option we are left with.

-nihal,the poet

Aditi said...

I despise the no treatment till cops and FIR is filed etc.. Its a dumb rule , would make sense if the cops responded faster but doesnt make sense otherwise. As for the doctors going on strike. I wish they would protest without the emergency services and critical care being affected. I am not saying whether they are right or wrong, just that they need to reshuffle priorities a bit and maybe make room for both, even if it means less impact.
Or do i want it all?

Ekta said...

Hey harjee,
Guess everyone understands the consequences of the strike. However the reason why they still chose to continue with it is because there is a larger cause associated with it!
Although I dont know if this is the right or wrong approach but I do support the cause and hence in my view it is about time that people stood up and voiced their opinions!

Noojes said...

Happy Birthday


AakASH!!! said...

You know amongst all the hooha and agenda, amidst the calls of what is right and whatis wrong, amongst solidarity and compromises; what i liked best was the way you summed it up.

Son of a gun!

AakASH!!! said...

and when was your birthday?

Agar tha toh best wishes paji! :)

anki said...

I generally find it difficult to be strongly opinionated about anything, because each side has their own convictions and motivations to do things..
I like to believe in the good in others, and would like to think that It doesnt give any pleasure for someone to be responsible for other persons life and to let them down.

In the end, I am sure we all were brought into this world with the aid of a doctor and God's will.. i guess :) .. so here is to happy thoughts and to a not so mature attitude of looking at life...


Anonymous said...

Huppy Budday Dude....Hugzzz

verbaltorture said...

yeah. I'm all with anon.
Buy a gun, shoot someone from the bastards' families just the day that all the docs are on strike.
And watch while the doc helplessly sees them dying...a slow painful death.
These AHs will never learn, but that's a lesson some people won't forget.

I don't understand why these people choose medicine if they don't believe in human compassion. If money was the only object of motivation, they should've all become software enggrs (like I did, though I did have a choice at the time of admission).

It's important to protest for one's rights. But when the lives of innocent, hurting people are at stake - why don't they open atleast some kind of relief cell?

I've lost faith in this system. From a really long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Lose that music player off your blog. It's irritating. And it's impolite to expect I'd spend bandwidth listening to it.

lovemarks said...

Liked your post. Reminded me of the time when in 12th, our biology teacher, thinking we were all trying to become doctors, which most were, was telling us how important the role of a doctor is in our lives.
He mentioned that the doctor is the only person that even the Prime Minister or President will stand up for and greet personally... all the more if the loved one happens to be critical. Which does regale docs closer to the identity of God-the miracle persona.
Take the case of the Bomb Blasts itself... the Doc is everything to everyone- no matter what religion, cultural values,caste he/she comes from.
And yes, I agree that putting someone else's life in jeopardy is not acceptable...

Having said that, I would like to also say (having a sister who's a doctor), that I know the circumstances they have to keep fighting at every level to be able to become doctors because they believe in the role of medicine as a life giver; also to be able to study that much- especially when there are demands of quotas and donations... irrespective of how brilliant a student or how good a doctor one can be. And they are paid peanuts (at least those attached to hospices)to play God and really care. So if they have stood up for their rights, it's not wrong at all.

Look at it this way too. What could induce the height of desperation that led these doctors to go on strike and lose the very people they are trying to fight for...

lovemarks said...

ps: Liked the music on the blog!

chinks in the armour said...

Hmmm anger helps, but not without a certain sense of direction... Who would u shoot Harjee and who wouldnt you?BTW happy birthday :)

Dh@v@! said...

You are right. We are giving a lot of respect to Doctors and they are next to God for us. But every now and then they go on strikes and poor suffer because of that. I think Doctors should understand their moral responsibilities and should find some other way to put their points across.

Saher said...

Touching...a very poignant piece..

Also, updated the blog...i wasn't lost any where just busy with lot of things... let me know your thoughts on the new piece on my blog...


Monika said...

very beautifullly put. thanks for showing the other side of it. I myself am a person totally against reservation but i agree with u 200% but doctors going on strike is certainly no way to deal with it. Really well written.

Feels like taking a Liberty of putting this post on youth for equality's official website for them to ponder on

Sudha said...

how about this?

these Dr's did save lots and lots of lives, and were there when u needed them. for the most part. or else u wud'nt go to them today first thing, or believe that going to them wud help. as long as they did their job fine, they did'nt get the time of a post. but now that they r striking for a cause, there's noise.

they r in a position where they can control or maneuver life. so what shud they do when they want to raise their voice? its not like they can get ppl to strike for the when they are saving lives. or cud they?

its not wat the country does for u, but what u .... get the picture?

scorpio said...

In a perfect world
doctors would be sympatethic, have impeccable bed-side manners, and outshine Mother Teresa and The Dalai Lama in compassion and gentleness.

However, my god died young.
there are no gods left, just empty signposts pointing every which way.
and the doctor today is a professional - and so is the journalist, and so is the priest in the church or temple -- The Hippocratic Oath has been forgotten along with Hippocrates old dissolved bones... turned to dust.
Money, money, money... must be funny... it's a rich man's world...

and then

out comes the gun.........

Bangalore Bytes said...

It's a terrible thing to find that our God's have clay feet. But so long as mortals are mere mortals, we can make no higher claims on their conscience than what would be ordinarily be expected of a mortal. Profession notwithstanding...

AakASH!!! said...

and i thought comments were meant to be responded to.

How have you been dude?

Why Am I said...

heyyyyy have u vanished??

Psyche said...

am back am back!!

nice post btw

Raghav said...

we finally have something from you.. and very well written too.

Anonymous said...


i vividly remember this woman hands clenched in a prayer to her god, her tears still unshed waiting for her loved one who was in the ot. i watched her break down , i wished to hug her to shed her tears to take away her pain...but i remained just a passerby...harjee ji uper wala har kisi ko toda bahut kushi kyon nahi de sakata hai...uske pas kami kab seho gayi...apake pas jawb zaroor hoga...tamarind( )

Redcell said...

Yup, finally managed to get in touch with her thru e-mail. Thanks again. Nice write-up by the way.

Redcell said...

Sorry, the earlier comment was for someone else.

Thanks for the nice words. Really appreciate it. When I was in Bangalore, I went to a couple of places like Legends of Rock and some place that was on the 9th or 10th floor.

Regarding your write-up on doctors, have you seen the latest CNN IBN sting operation on the doctor-beggar mafia?? It's an eye opener.

AakASH!!! said...

Abhi bhi nahin likha!

zingtrial said...

Hi Liked reading through your post.Thanks for sharing.Wish you well

silverine said...

Yohooooo anybody here?!?!?!?

No new posts????

Anonymous said...

Fuck you khalistani. Go Home

Noojes said...

Are you waiting for another 100 comments to update???

faith said...

mmm liked the post..

n hey when was yr bday.. belated happy bday ji *smiles*
hope u had a great day!!

White Magpie said...

And how big is thy hiatus this time?

Anonymous said...

tamarind says that she hates the anonymous who calls u names...hate him from the bottom of my heart...

"sen"sational said...


Zarine said...

sweetheart... i'm waiting for an update...

aakriti said...

It's so shocking and sad to know that a human being who has the power to save a life would voluntary do nothing and watch an innocent die! You're right it's voluntary manslaughter. And all these people will by judged up there and find no forgiveness.